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Materials Used

Types Of Jewellery

Ancient. Enchanting. Spectacular.
Sparkle in fascinating gemstone beads.

Semi-precious gemstone beads have been used as jewellery for thousands of years, and are just as popular today as they have been across the ages.

Celebrated for their beauty and charm, gemstone beads come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, from round and oval to rondelle and tubes.

Spectacular colour is a classic feature of gemstone beads, while modern dying techniques result in an even more intensified colour - or a new colour altogether.

Our impressive collection of beautifully handmade gemstone bead jewellery captures the essence of this ancient adornment, while providing contemporary pieces that are the perfect complement to any outfit or style.

Caring for your gemstone beads

Gemstone & Crystal Jewellery:
To maintain their radiant shine, clean your handmade glass beads with a soft cloth and a mild detergent.

Glass Pearls (Swarovski):
Keep your glass pearls looking as good as new by cleaning with a soft moist cloth. Never use an abrasive cleaner