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Materials Used

Types Of Jewellery

Classic. Striking. Dazzling.
Stand out in stunning glass.

One of the most enduring materials used in jewellery making, handmade glass beads have been adorning necklaces, bracelets and earrings for centuries.

The reason for their popularity is clear – intricate and fascinating, each glass bead captures the light in its own distinct way, creating a myriad of beautiful styles.

At Love My Beads, every one of our glass beads is skilfully handmade using age-old techniques, individually moulded to make every design unique. And with almost as many varieties of glass beads as colours in the spectrum, you’ll be spoilt for choice by our striking collection of handmade glass bead jewellery.

Caring for your glass jewellery

Gemstone & Crystal Jewellery:
To maintain their radiant shine, clean your handmade glass beads with a soft cloth and a mild detergent.

Glass Pearls (Swarovski):
Keep your glass pearls looking as good as new by cleaning with a soft moist cloth. Never use an abrasive cleaner