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Materials Used

Types Of Jewellery

Elegant. Romantic. Uplifting.
Stand out in radiant resin.

Originating in Bali, our exotic resin beads come in a wide variety of vivid colours and innovative styles.

Handmade using an intricate process in which the liquid resin is solidified, dyed and polished, the resulting resin jewellery is truly spectacular. Light and easy to wear, resin beads are also strong and durable, lasting a lifetime if treated with care.

Using only the most stunning beads for our handmade jewellery designs, we believe our bright and beautiful resin beads have the power to lift your outfit, your mood and your spirits!

Caring for your resin jewellery

While resin is a hard-wearing substance, it still needs to be treated with care to stay looking its best. Try to avoid dropping resin items or knocking them against hard surfaces.

To keep your beads looking beautifully shiny, polish your resin jewellery from time to time, using a small amount of oil (canola, olive or baby) or bees wax, on a cloth